As often happens at a betting premise, one match was not enough for you, so you had to split one into two.

Now, you are being extremely subjective. Not only will Red Star beat Partizan, but they will also do it in both halves (1:0 and 2:1, final score is 3:1, everybody is happy, and the neighbours from Humska St. scored an honorary goal, which is even better if you had, by the way, played 4+ goals). A game designed for a small initial bet, with lots of money as the result.

Imaginary match: Red Star vs. Partizan. What a lovely autumn day! Everybody expects the usual boredom of watching eternal rivals, but a goal is scored against 'Grobari', just before the end of the first half. At the very beginning of the second half, one more goal is scored against 'Grobari' and again one more just before the end. Grobari scored one. Red Star won in the first half 1:0 and in the second 2:1. The right choice was made.

Imaginary match: Red Star vs. Partizan, but we remembered that the team from Ljutice Bogdana St. has fallen apart. At the very beginning 'Grobari' scored, and a bit later they scored one more, and at the end of the half one more. But, that was not enough for them, because there is nothing better than beating the crap out of your neighbours, so they scored in 47th, 58th, 79th, and then in the 88th minute. Neighbours did not score, and why would they? Partizan won in the first half 3:0 and it was 4:0 in the second half. The right choice was made.

Do you want to try something new, but you are afraid to ask your wife to film you while you are playing 'doctor and nurse' with your neighbour?

You should play a Mozzart chance. In this an unique game where everything revolves around the result at the end of a half, and all you need is to be right at least once, either at the end of the first half or at the end of the match depending on your ticket. Statisticians, mathematicians, those of you who rely on luck, and you who are experienced in betting - go ahead, the rest of you stop!

A derby is being played in the Partizan stadium, which is also known as 'the cemetery­'. The weather is gloomy and dull and you have seen this so many times before. But this time, you even placed a bet on this match. A penalty for Partizan in the 28th minute and an advantage of 1:0. From then on, only rolling in the mud for the next 62 minutes, and in the end those who support Red Star go home disappointed. But, those who played this 'sub' game go to Mozzart to already collect their money during halftime. The right choice was made.

Since Red Star has fallen apart, Partizan played qualifications and entered The Champions League. Manchester United is the first guest team at the popular 'cemetery'. A true fan will go to the stadium with Partizan in his heart and with a ticket in his pocket. Manchester scores in the 11th, 15th, 21st, 22nd, 32nd, 44th minute, and then at half time they take out three main players, and 'grobari' succeed in scoring one goal in the 82nd minute. You do not want to bother counting goals, but you will bother calculating how much money you will get at Mozzart. The guests came to Belgrade and wiped out Partizan with a result of 6:0 already at the end of the first half, but the 'grobari' who played this 'sub' game will wipe away their tears with the money they won. The right choice was made.

In Red Star's stadium, known as 'Marakana', the usual torture is taking place. Neighbours, who are the better team, are the guests, but it would be embarrassing if they won. There have been no goals scored by the end of the first half, and those who are naive expect a lullaby during extra time as well. But, you are not interested in the extra time, because you are going to get your money. In this case, Red Star and Partizan already had the same score at half time. The right choice was made.

This is about a match which is taking place on a lovely spring day at 'Marakana'. You are supporting Partizan while the sun is shining, birds are singing, and goals are being scored. Partizan wins 2:1 as a guest team, and after the match both the fans and the police are drinking beer in the park and ignoring the girls. After all, the most realistic thing here is the profit from your bet. In the end the guests won, but the number of goals was three +. The right choice was made.